~All sales are conducted in accordance with my sales policies.
~The Farm at Cobbs Mill sales policy is subject to change at any time without notice.
~We do not sell rabbits under 8 weeks of age under any circumstances.
~Buyer must be 18 years old or over, or must have a parent or guardian (of 18 years of age or older) with them at the time of sale to confirm that the youth has permission to buy and own the rabbit.
~I reserve the right to cancel any sale at any time. Refunds will be made at my discretion.


​~Rabbit must be given appropriate housing, nutrition, medical treatment, and handling.
​~The buyer must always handle the rabbit safely and humanely. 
~If the buyer no longer wishes to keep the rabbit, we ask that they contact The Farm at Cobb's Mill and first offer the rabbit back to us. 

~The rabbit must be paid for in full before leaving The Farm at Cobb's Mill. Until this time the rabbit is the sole property of The Farm at Cobb's Mill.
​~A rabbit will only be considered "sold" if it has been paid for in full. Rabbits will not be reserved without full payment, unless by prior arrangement.
~We accept cash / Paypal only.

~Given reasonable notice, I can usually offer free transport to show The Farm at Cobb's Mill is attending. If the buyer does not arrive to pick up the rabbit by the agreed-upon time, the rabbit will be offered up for sale again.
~It is the buyer's responsibility to arrange and pay for any transport necessary.

~I do not give refunds under any circumstances (except in accordance with my health guarantee below). 

~Any/all known faults/DQs  will be disclosed upon request by the buyer. 
~Show/brood quality animals must keep their pedigree names given to them by The Farm at Cobb's Mill.
~Show/brood quality animals produced by The Farm at Cobb's Milly must keep the prefix TFCM before the rabbit's pedigree name, on any and all official documents including pedigrees and ARBA registration.

Show quality: Show quality means The Farm at Cobb's Mill believes the rabbit has no disqualifications at the time of sale. There are varying degrees of 'show quality', in general the more expensive the rabbit, the higher the chances are of it placing highly in a class. Prices reflect quality of the animal. Show quality animals come with a pedigree upon request. Just because a rabbit is listed as show quality does not mean that it will produce show winners or be a show winner. Rabbits may change as they mature, and might mature better or worse than they appeared at the time of sale.

Brood quality: Brood quality means that at the time of sale, the animal is good enough quality to breed, but most likely should not be shown. Sometimes, brood quality animals have DQs that aren't hereditary or aren't important, such as an unrecognized color, broken toe or over the 4 lbs limit (false dwarf), but they have the potential to produce nice offspring. The Farm at Cobb's Mill cannot guarantee how the rabbit will produce. Brood quality animals do come with a pedigree upon request. 

Pet quality: Pet quality rabbits will most likely not have a future as a show rabbit, but have great temperaments and are super adorable, so they would make great pets! They do not come with a pedigree and should not ever be bred, but would be excellent pets or 4-H Showmanship rabbits!

~All rabbits are guaranteed to be healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale.
~The Farm at Cobb's Mill does not guarantee health (except in accordance with the Health Guarantee below), show placings, weight, fertility, how well a rabbit will produce, or temperament. These factors are beyond our control after the time of sale.
​~The Farm at Cobb's Mill DOES guarantee color, age, and that the rabbit is purebred.

~When a rabbit is sold or put up for sale, it is healthy to the best of our knowledge.
~If an illness or death occurs shortly after purchase, please contact The Farm at Cobb's Mill immediately to determine whether you are eligible for a replacement or refund. A refund or a replacement rabbit of equal quality will be considered with a written diagnosis from a certified veterinarian. The Farm at Cobb's Mill is not responsible for veterinary fees incurred. 
~The Farm at Cobb's Mill reserves the right to refuse giving you a replacement rabbit if we feel it is in the best interests of the rabbit.

~All rabbits have been handled very frequently, and as such tend to be very easy to handle. 
~All buyers are provided with rabbit care sheets (if a new rabbit owner), and a bag of transition feed.
~All show or brood quality rabbits come with a pedigree upon request.
~Buyers of pet rabbits get a free birth certificate with their rabbit.