~All sales are conducted in accordance with my sales policies.
~The Farm at Cobbs Mill sales policy is subject to change at any time without notice.
~We do not sell goats under 8 weeks of age under any circumstances.
~Buyer must be 18 years old or over, or must have a parent or guardian (of 18 years of age or older) with them at the time of sale to confirm that the youth has permission to buy and own the rabbit.
~I reserve the right to cancel any sale at any time. Refunds will be made at my discretion.

~If the buyer no longer wishes to keep the goat, we ask that they contact The Farm at Cobb's Mill and first offer the rabbit back to us. 

~The goat must be paid for in full before leaving The Farm at Cobb's Mill. Until this time the goat is the sole property of The Farm at Cobb's Mill.
​~A goat will only be considered "sold" if it has been paid for in full. 
~We accept cash / Paypal only.

~It is the buyer's responsibility to arrange and pay for any transport necessary.

~I do not give refunds under any circumstances (except in accordance with my health guarantee below). 

~All goats are guaranteed to be healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale.
~The Farm at Cobb's Mill does not guarantee health (except in accordance with the Health Guarantee below), show placings, weight, fertility, how well a goat will produce, or temperament. These factors are beyond our control after the time of sale.
​~The Farm at Cobb's Mill DOES guarantee color, age.

~When a goat is sold or put up for sale, it is healthy to the best of our knowledge.
~If an illness or death occurs shortly after purchase, please contact The Farm at Cobb's Mill immediately to determine whether you are eligible for a replacement or refund. A refund or a replacement goat of equal quality will be considered with a written diagnosis from a certified veterinarian. The Farm at Cobb's Mill is not responsible for veterinary fees incurred. 
~The Farm at Cobb's Mill reserves the right to refuse giving you a replacement goat if we feel it is in the best interests of the goat.

~All buyers are provided with goat care sheets (if a new goat owner), and a bag of transition feed.
~All show or brood quality goats come with a pedigree upon request.
~Buyers of pet goats get a free birth certificate with their goat.